Scott Brettell – CR OCR Certified Reflexologist

Scott studied Reflexology under the expertise of Shanti Parakh through the Ontario College of Reflexology (OCR)

Scott took an interest in alternative therapies a few years ago when his wife became ill. Conventional doctors were not finding the issues, only prescribing medications to mask symptoms, so they turned to alternative medicine.

After noticing the health benefits of regular Reflexology sessions, and how Reflexology was very specific in pinpointing areas of imbalance within the body, this is when Scott decided to pursue this field of therapies.


Scott also offers ‘Rapture Reflexology’ exclusive to Healing Your Sole, which combines Neuro-Frequency Healing and Reflexology.

This involves a regular Reflexology session followed by applied Sonocytology (Tuning Forks) for the internal organs.

Having activated the parasympathetic response from the Reflexology session the tuning forks will enhance your body’s ability to heal itself.