When it comes to Fertility, reflexology is gaining a reputation for the benefits it can give, whether directly or indirectly.  Trying to conceive can be a very stressful and emotional time, and can be draining both physically and mentally. The calming and balancing qualities of reflexology can help enormously and can also compliment medical procedures such as Intrauterine insemination (IUI) . It will help to prepare the body to be in optimum health before the treatment is started.

Reflexology can be really helpful during this time as it

  • gets the body (and hormones) back into a state of balance
  • reduces levels of stress, and allows a state of deep relaxation
  • works the reflexes relating to the reproductive organs to balance and clear congestion
  • boosts blood circulation to the reproductive areas
  • encourages all the systems of the body to function efficiently

Speed of conception depends on many factors, some physiological, some nutritional, some psychological.  Stress can be a major inhibitor, it muffles certain body systems in favor of others required for the hyper state of adrenaline-fuelled lives and this hyper state may be present without necessarily being apparent.

In this hyper state, tension is created due to the release of the hormone adrenaline which puts the body on alert for flight or fight.  Blood is pumped faster by the heart to supply muscles ready for whatever danger or action it may be necessary to respond to.  The lungs too are overworked while the digestive and reproductive systems work with reduced efficiency, until a period of calm returns due to the release of nor-adrenaline stimulated by the parasympathetic nervous system kicking in to restore balance.

The effect of reflexology treatment may be deep relaxation during the session and this may often last for significant periods of time after the treatment session. There may be other physiological changes in the body which usefully affect fertility status occurring at the same time.  The reflexive action of reflexology during a reflexology session may switch the nervous system from active sympathetic to passive parasympathetic allowing affected body systems to return to normal.

Through diet & nutrition advice you and your partner can make adjustments to your diets to improve your combined fertility.  Sperm health can return relatively quickly when nutrient supply includes the right trace elements, vitamins and minerals particularly in the otherwise healthy individual who is not overweight, smoking or drinking to excess. Hormonal health is affected by dietary corrections and much research exists to demonstrate this. Corrections that you make can be both enjoyable and simple to great effect. If your diet is already excellent, reflexology may be the only missing ingredient and well worth a try, and at a fraction of the cost and far less intrusive than other remedies currently available.

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