Want to find out where you stand? The next time you have heartburn, take two to three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in four ounces of water (drink carefully). If the apple cider vinegar alleviates your symptoms, you are one of those people who have low acid production. Not a vinegar fan? Try a warm four to eight ounce glass of water mixed with unrefined sea salt (table salt won’t work). There are some cases in which a person actually does need an acid inhibitor. These people truly produce too much stomach acid or have a condition that leads to acid reflux like a hiatal hernia. If you are currently taking a prescription medication, DO NOT stop taking it cold turkey; consult your physician on reducing your dosage gradually to eventually eliminate it.

Tips on how to stop acid reflux

1. I had read to use only ORGANIC A.C.V with the mother (floaty stuff) in it…as that is what helps. I add a bit of honey and drink with a straw (less stress on teeth). Use this everyday and have for a few years! Was able to stop PPI’s after they were Rx’d and didn’t help for a couple years. Also in a pinch or on the road (instead of antacid) grab a teaspoon or so of regular yellow mustard (like in packets at fast food place). Sounds weird, but it works!

2. Most of us don’t have enough acid in our stomach to digest food properly. With antacids (or baking soda) we kill what is left, therefore not digesting our food. The cause is weakened esophageal sphincter, which doesn’t close properly, and no matter how much acid you have, that acid has an open way up.

3. Stop eating breads or anything else made with yeast. You will feel the difference. And of course, organic food, whenever possible.

Supplement with magnesium chloride and eat more raw foods as well as taking digestive enzymes before eating and cut down or cut out alcohol and you’ll find that acid reflux is gone rather quickly.

 4. Heavy antibiotics use, and the reflux will return with a vengeance. A couple of days on Kombucha, which re-populated my digestive tract with beneficial bacteria, and the reflux disappeared. It’s really easy to make, inexpensively and you can buy it commercially, but at greater cost. Use a bottle of commercially made Kombucha as a starter. It makes a wonderfully well, developed “mushroom” that you will be  able to grow new ones from, time and time again.

 5. Take HCl and Super enzymes with meals. Celiac may cause acid reflux due to low stomach acid. Neutralizing the acid more doesn’t let a person absorb nutrients. Not eating gluten/dairy/soy/sugar….taking vitamins/good oils and HCl, enzymes with meals, 2000mg of fish oil an 5000IU of Vit D3, Nature’s plus- Source of life multiple may help.

 6. Eating some citrus fruit every day – doesn’t take much, just a small orange or few bites of grapefruit – my problems with night time reflux pain pretty much stopped after awhile. Commercial fruit juices or frozen fruit juice concentrates don’t work at all – has to be the actual fresh fruit. Probably similar mechanism as apple cider vinegar.


Thanks to Strauss Heartnews.

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