Sound Vibration Therapy – Sonocytology

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Sonocytology with a Otto Tuning Fork

Tuning Fork Therapy

Sonocytology which also known as Sound Vibration Therapy, or Sound Therapy via tuning forks.
Based on the mind-body connection, frequency healing can quickly release and heal the emotional and energetic origin of disease and imbalance such as depression, anxiety, negative habits, self-sabotaging behaviors by raising the vibration of the bio-terrain to optimal levels, and activating the higher centers of the brain. This opens the client to a new way of thinking, feeling and being which often leads to positive changes that may include a shift toward soul calling, success, improved relationships, prosperity and happiness.
Quickly, effortlessly, safely, effectively erases self-sabotaging habit patterns, negative emotions, emotional traumas, lethargy, depression, grief. Unlocks the pattern of self-perpetuated illness. Raises the vibration of the recipient to new levels of health, success and well being.


Some things that specific vibratory sound waves are capable of facilitating are:

  • Open blockages to the natural flow of energy through the body
  • Alter blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Adjust breathing
  • Release muscle tension
  • Regulate temperature
  • Reduce pain
  • Relieve mental, emotional and spiritual tension
  • Ease stress
  • Promote relaxation

What Exactly Do The Tuning Forks Do?

Tuning Fork Therapy for the Back or Shoulder

Tuning Fork Therapy

When Sonocytology is applied to the auric field with the tuning fork, multiple physiological and biological reactions occur. As the vibration of sounds waves hits your skin it excites photons within your cells. This sends electrical currents instantly throughout your body, communicating to all parts of your being. Beneficial neuro-peptides are released, creating a sense of well being. As well, the natural frequencies of brain waves are positively affected, promoting greater harmony between brain hemispheres.

Each healthy organ, gland and chakra has its own specific frequency. When the optimal frequency of an organ or gland or chakra is matched by the frequency of a tuning fork, the organ or gland or chakra will begin to entrain to the same high frequency, restoring it to ideal balance and health.

When a vibrating tuning fork is touched to a specific meridian point on your body, the vibration travels along the neural pathway. This can unblock areas of congestion and pain. Similarly, localized pain can be alleviated through the direct vibration of tuning forks. Its a little like a vibro-massage directly on tissue. The affect is similar to Shiatsu, acupressure or acupuncture, but without pain or discomfort.

By using sound or a tuning fork that vibrates at the same pitch and rate as a healthy chakra, organ or tissue, sympathetic resonance is created. The two frequencies entrain to one another. This opens, strengthens, and clears the chakra or organ, raising it to its optimal level. Silicon dioxide within the body acts as a conductor for the resonation and relays messages on a cellular level throughout the body. This stimulates all body functions.

When calibrated to the ideal frequencies of healthy organs, glands, bone, tissue, and DNA, the tuning forks can quickly raise your internal vibration to restore health and repair tissue. Healing becomes accelerated.

Tuning fork frequencies can also relieve stress by inducing profound bliss and peacefulness and balancing your brain hemispheres. We call our blissful harmonic concert of frequencies an ‘etheric massage’!

We achieve great results for pain relief using frequencies that vibrate through the blockage and impedance causing the pain, regardless of where it originates. When you want to avoid discomfort, Sonocytology is an ideal substitute for acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu and similar therapies. It provides rapid relief for arthritis, stiff neck, back pain, knee pain and even sprains. Treatments take only minutes, and allow you to continue on with your day.


What Will You Feel?

Tuning Fork Therapy for the Back or Shoulder

Tuning Fork Therapy

Some people do feel the subtle vibration of the tuning forks, particularly if they are applied to the skin. Unlike acupressure or acupuncture, this does not feel painful or uncomfortable. Once a blockage clears, you may feel a gentle vibration move through the limb and into other parts of your body. As the tuning forks are applied a sense of peacefulness, balance and well being ensues.

How Often Should You Receive Sonocytology?

You can experience a form of Sonocytology everytime you listen to New Age meditation music! In other words, it is entirely safe! That means you can have a relaxing treatment with tuning forks as often as you like. Over time, Sonocytology can “turn back the clock”, regenerating tissue with an anti-aging effect.

For injuries and long-standing or resistant health conditions we generally recommend 4-10 successive treatments at 4-day intervals to accelerate healing and achieve lasting results.



People with pacemakers should not have Sonocytology, as it induces entrainment, which may counter-act the heart rate set by the pacemaker. Sonocytology does not interfere with medications. However, as frequencies do induce healing of organs and tissue, those on medication should be monitored by their physician, as medication may eventually need to be reduced. Sonocytology should not be used for broken bones.

Sonocytology is a gentle, subtle form of healing that is ideal for people of all ages, as well as pets. It can help to balance the brain hemispheres of babies, increasing their intelligence and inducing a state of serenity. In the same way it can assist children with ADHD, and elderly people with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

[toCopyrighted information reprinted by permission of Lori D'Ascenzo, Enlightened Feelings