04 Oct 2013
October 4, 2013

Christine T.

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Botanical Essence Therapy really?  So here I was 45 years old and I just suffered a heart attack.  I just completed the first year of school for the Practical Nursing program, going through a horrible divorce, I couldn’t take anymore.  The stress in my life was unbearable, I was exhausted from writing reports studying for exams and I just wanted to feel better.  Dealing with the fact I just had a heart attack at my age I was really scared and worried.  I needed to make a lifetime change.
I was informed about floral essences and I thought…what do I have to lose.  So I called and made an appointment.  Scott was very professional and very supportive.  Scott said I would deal with a lot of issues during the first week of taking my first formula, which I did.  It took approximately 5 months and 4 formulas but WOW I cannot believe the difference in the way I feel.  I got rid of all that baggage I was carrying around for years.  I dealt with a lot of issues personally and I feel better about myself.
I would definitely recommend  Botanical Essence Therapy as it really does improve in the way you feel but in how you look….
Christine T.NurseWelland