18 Jan 2013
January 18, 2013

Christine B.

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I would like to share my first Reflexology experience with you. I was having a slew of health issues that came on suddenly and were unexplainable through the battery of tests that the doctor (MD) had done (only by my persistence of course). It was concluded, in not so many words that this must be “all in my head” and was given a prescription for anti-depressants.

Disgusted with this, I turned to alternative treatments; reflexology being one of them. I was asked by the reflexologist if there was something wrong with my heart. I didn’t think so and nothing was ever mentioned or tested for by my MD. Fed up with everything, I ended up going to a private clinic (where you pay for your services) and was tested from top to bottom. I learned of a few issues that I had, one of them being a valve problem with my heart! (MVP). Nothing overly concerning but it was contributing to what I was feeling. I just can’t believe how it came up in a reflexology session!

I don’t want to scare anybody by thinking all areas that show up on your feet mean there is a serious problem with that organ or system, but I’ve used this as a tool to help change my lifestyle (both in my eating habits, stress control etc). It has definitely been an asset in my health regime!

Christine B.My first Reflexology experience.St.Catharines.