17 Mar 2012
March 17, 2012

Karrie C.

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I was introduced to Reflexology without really knowing anything about the procedure. I thought to myself “Why not try it? I’m sure it couldn’t hurt.”

To my surprise, it pleasantly surpassed any expectations that I did have!

Healing Your Sole has a beautiful, soothing and mystical room set up for Reflexology. Knowing that I had no previous experience with Reflexology, Scott quickly made me feel comfortable and calmly explained everything that he was doing, step-by-step. Since I have had previous surgery on my feet, he was mindful of that and adjusted his pressure accordingly. The whole time, he reminded me to let him know if anything hurt or was uncomfortable.

During my first visit, Scott had pointed out some things in my body that he would never have possibly known about! There were some issues that specifically deal with the female body that he found in my FOOT!! The best part about it was that he handled it in a very gentle manner and in the least embarrassing way possible!!! Since Reflexology is meant to help the body reach a balanced state, I went through some bodily changes in the days after my first visit, but after that, I was totally fine…. and balanced! I felt wonderful!

I was so pleased with my first few visits that I decided to bring my young children for some sessions too. Scott was very gentle with my children. Although children may not be able to express so easily what they are feeling or experiencing (in comparison to adults), Scott was very calm with my kids and tried to pick up on little physical reactions that they were giving him (like tickles, twitches, eye contact, etc). I knew that even if Scott wasn’t able to pinpoint any issues from the Reflexology sessions that he would at least be able to trigger their bodies to work toward a balanced state.

I had developed a symptom that was similar to heartburn and pain in my upper chest. It was so painful and persistent! On one of my most recent visits to Scott, I decided to put him to the test! I DID tell him that I was having a major issue/symptom, but I wasn’t going to tell him what it was exactly. I really wanted to know if it would show up in the Reflexology session. I felt bad to put this kind of pressure on Scott, but he didn’t seem to be bothered by it! In fact, I think he enjoyed this challenge and the chance to really prove his belief in Reflexology!!! The majority of the session was good; probably because I’d been receiving Reflexology treatments for a couple of months already! And then…. I felt this terrible, awful pain near my left big toe when he was stimulating some of the nerves there. After seeing my reaction, he quickly adjusted his pressure and explored that area a little more carefully. I still didn’t tell him what symptoms I was feeling. He was able to pinpoint a very EXACT location which was higher than my stomach, in my upper chest and specifically upper esophagus! This is exactly where I was feeling the problem. Any x-rays or ultrasounds have shown no issues with my stomach! The issue was in my esophagus. After that Reflexology session, this issue with my esophagus subsided!

I have recommended Reflexology to so many people. I suppose I may have been somewhat of a skeptic before attending the sessions. The holistic approach seems like it is still on its way to becoming popular with most people. However, I can speak first-hand at the positive experiences that I’ve had with Reflexology and how it has benefited me personally. There is no reason to be embarrassed by going whether you are a woman, man or child, older or younger. There is no reason why you should not give it a try!

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