07 Oct 2013
October 7, 2013

Kristine S.

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I have clearly seen first hand that reflexology has kicked me in the butt and it is now with stronger advocacy that I can highly recommend such as worthy therapy.

Scott had no problems pin pointing problem areas I had (I didn’t say much about them before the session) so he literally went by feel.  He knew I had some digestion difficulties (stress anyone?), a problem with my back (which has really ticked me off because it has been affecting my training in the gym) and my adrenals are slightly pooched (I already guessed that one!  Did I mention stress??)

When stress hits me, it hits me right in the belly.  I don’t feel like eating, I get bloated and just feel like yuck.

And let me tell you, this guy could bring you to your knees when he it’s a sensitive pressure point!!!

White knuckled and holding my breath, he has me breathe through some of the spots until the pressure eased off somewhat.

You may feel deep pressure as the practitioner probes the feet, going over all reflexes to look for congested and sensitive areas.  When those congestion areas are found, deep pressure techniques will be applied to decongest those reflexes, which may be painful (um, YEP!), but the pain will only last as long as his/her finger are working on the congested area.
The practitioner will also chart your reflexes for sensitivity and blockages, which will give them a picture as to what parts of the body are stressed and ‘overworked’. By utilizing this approach, the body returns to its normal state over time, if you keep up on appointments, and  will tend to function naturally without interference eventually.

I can tell you honestly and completely how the next few hours went after the session.  I didn’t feel particularly hungry which was kinda weird for me since that’s all I think about is food.  My back didn’t really seem to be bothering me at the time, which as doubly weird because I was sporting some cute wedge open toe heels.  The big benefit was that my stomach was talking up a storm to me…gurgling a LOT and let’s just say, Scott definitely got things moving!!  Being as discreet as I can, I visited the washroom 4 times that day!  Holy smokes! —  Kristine S. – St. Catharines

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