14 Sep 2012
September 14, 2012

Laurie S.

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After just one Reflexology session with Healing Your Sole, I was impressed with Scott’s professionalism and expertise.

The atmosphere was peaceful and I felt relaxed, even though I was new to Reflexology and a little apprehensive beforehand.  Scott spent extra time answering all my questions and made me feel comfortable through his friendly personality and approach.  During my first appointment, he was able to target areas of my body that I was having issues with, without me mentioning them.  In subsequent sessions, Scott was also correct in his assessment that the issues were improved.

Reflexology is not only an excellent source for discovering ailments, but also a means to help your body heal itself.  It has been a refreshing approach to maximizing my own health in a natural way.  I highly recommend Scott and his Reflexology treatments!

Laurie S.I highly recommend Scott and his Reflexology treatments!