27 Jul 2012
July 27, 2012

Paula B.

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During the initial visit, forms had to be filled out stating a brief health history. I had forgot about some past ailments and didn’t list them on the sheet. To my surprise, during the session, I was asked about my gallbladder. That area on my foot was extremely sensitive. I totally forgot about listing the fact that my gallbladder was removed several years ago. The lack of the organ being there was causing the sensitivity on my foot and Scott was able to detect this….WOW!

I would like to add that the whole atmosphere of the room the session is done in is very soothing. It is very easy to achieve a relaxing state during the session which is important to the overall outcome of the session. I love Reflexology and this is a great tool for pointing out areas of your body that may be in duress. It is a great stress reducer as well. I’d highly recommend it!

Paula B.I was amazed at how this all works!