I recently had a reflexology session with Scott after previously going to another practitioner for many years, who’s since moved out of the province–wow, what a difference!

Scott charted my personal areas of concern/findings as a result of my session, and after I’d filled in a medical history form–both which should’ve been professionally done by my previous reflexologist. His findings at the end of my session were completely accurate without any hints from me–I was greatly impressed! I will now work together with Scott and my doctor to take care of these issues, optimizing my health potential.

His passion for and in-depth knowledge of his new chosen profession is very evident from the first session a client experiences. I long ago learned we must all be very proactive in taking care of our health, using numerous modalities and not just passively going to our doctors for a single opinion and the standard “annual physical”.

I highly recommend Scott’s talent and services, assuring you that “you’re in good hands” with Scott at Healing Your Sole. Anyone is welcome to contact me for further reassurance/recommendation at (905) 684-8861.

Sophie Lakis - AestheticianYou're in good hands.