Water and reflexology work hand in hand to heal the body and promote balance.

Whenever receiving reflexology the person receiving should always drink plenty of it during and after the treatment- drinking more than usual for at least 24 hours following any type of reflexology treatment. A person’s body will begin to work harder to get rid of waste the moment reflexology is started!!! If the body is receiving reflexology (and therefore working harder to get rid of waste) it needs the extra H2o to transport all the waste out of the blood and body. Without it to help get rid of waste, the excess waste can cause blockages and make the person feel worse!! This can be evident in flu symptoms, blocked sinuses and headaches.

Here is a story that best explains its importance. Imagine that a bunch of miners are digging away in a deep mining shaft, and all of the dirt and rocks that they dig up are put into carts and hauled out of the mine. Reflexology is the same as sending in extra miners to dig the mine faster. H2o is the extra carts to haul away all the extra dirt and rocks that the extra miners dig out. Without the extra carts the mine will quickly become blocked and even less efficient than before.

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